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> Andrey Shuvikov wrote:
> > Hi,
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> > I'm trying to set up a home mailserver with imap/web access. But I was
> > going to use exim. Several people mentioned postfix here, but nobody
> > named exim. Is it a matter of personal preference or is exim not
> > suitable for this task?
> > 
> Exim is a capable mailer as is postfix. I think its mostly a matter of 
> preference but I havent delved into Exim too much. Personally I run 
> Postfix and Dovecot for my mail server setup. Roundcube does a nice job 
> in providing a front end on the web for Dovecot.

Roundcube has an interesting Macalike interface (Mac users love it) but
it has it's problems.  For one thing it doesen't display properly on
many web browsers.  Unfortunately, with webmail interfaces, you have
to pick the problems you want to deal with, none of them are without

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