Gabriel Dragffy wrote:

Using sysinstall I enabled anonymous FTP, with uploads allowed in the folder /incoming. Uploading works a treat, however the files don't have permissions to be downloaded again (by anon user). I know I could change this by executing a cron job every two minutes that would chmod the files in /incoming. But surely there must be a far better way...? The FreeBSD handbook says it doesn't recommend allowing anon users to d/load files uploaded anonymously, however I would still like to implement this.

I'd be very appreciative for any help.


Have you seen the manual for ftpd(8)? It's available at

You can change the flags passed to ftpd in your inetd.conf (if you enabled ftpd this way) or in rc.conf (which is another, but different way to do it). If you don't know these config files, see the respective manuals.

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