> Incidentally, before my switch to FreeBSD, I was running Linux (2.4
> kernel) with an ext3 journaling filesystem, and anytime I had to do a
> hard reset, I never lost a byte of data AFAIK.
> What can I do?  Would turning off softupdates (if I can figure out how -
> I tried dropping into single-user mode and doing a tunefs -n disable,
> but it seems like it had no effect, even after a reboot) help?  Or is
> there something else I can do to my filesystem to have some more
> protection?  For the time being I'm running 4-STABLE (if there's
> something in 5 that helps with this, go ahead and let me know - I'm
> planning to upgrade over spring break in March).

FreeBSD doesn't try to make sure that new data doesn't get lost with
softupdates, it just makes sure that the filesystem is in an error free
state when you reboot, and makes meta-data updates faster.


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