n j wrote:
> John,
> thank you very much for your detailed input.
>> If it were me, I would a small (for some definition of small considering
>> your disk space and software needs) partition on the first disk and install
>> everything to that. After the system is up, create an identical partition
>> on the second disk and set up gmirror between the two (see below). This
>> volume would house either the entire OS or just the root partition at your
>> option, but it needs to be large enough to house at least a minimal install
>> of the OS temporarily. I'd then create additional partitions using the
>> remaining space on each disk and turn those into a new, blank gstripe
>> volume. If you don't want the whole OS on your mirror, you could then
>> move /usr, etc over to the stripe volume (but you don't have to).
> That's basically the answer I got in the meantime from a few of my
> more experienced colleagues as well. So, I'll probably go with that
> option and create a 512Mb root partition on the first disk, install
> the OS, create a gmirror and add the second disk to the mirror, build
> the RAID-1 array, then gstripe the rest and move /usr, /tmp, /var to
> it etc.
> On a side note, it would be nice if creating RAID arrays was included
> in the FreeBSD install similar to Debian install (according to my
> colleague, haven't seen it myself).
There is some work going on to try and get a more up to date installer
with options such as installing to RAID
(http://wiki.freebsd.org/finstall) but no eta as its still a work in
progress (I like sysinstall but it just doesnt do everything I'd like
any more. I hope someone writes a sysinstall like interface for finstall
as well as the gui one.)
        As another more complex workaround you shouldnt be able to boot from a
live CD (freesbie maybe) create the gstripe you want, then install the
base system manually (see
for some pointers on doing that) and edit fstab as needed.

> Regards,

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