1. please tel when the initial PPPoE packets(PADI) and
LCP config packets are sent to server ,say if i use
dial-up then after making the settings and clicking on
the connect button in the dail-up box after this the
PADi is sent or before clicking on connect in dial-up
box the PPPoE packets and LCP packets are    sent
        if i use broadband connection when the initial
PPPoE packets(PADI) and LCP packets are sent
2.since in broadband type the connection will be
opened when system gets ON and till the end the
connection will be there   then why is the need to
send terminate request to close the link ?.
3.after configuring  and in dial-up menu after
clicking on connect button will the PPPoE starts i.e
it will send and receive PADI,PADO,PADR,PADS and
LCP,NCP configuring packets or before clicking on
dial-up menu ?.....

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