There's plenty of information on how to install two network cards (done that), how to enable a FreeBSD box to run as a gateway, do NAT, DHCP, etc. However, I'm having a mental block with how the cards should be configured.

Here's how I want my network setup-
CABLE MODEM-> D-link DI-701 Residential Gateway->
FreeBSD NIC dc0 -> FreeBSD NIC ep1 -> hub -> other computers...

I'd like to leave the D-Link in place, since it has a built-in firewall and I'm not ready to start testing out my rules for ipfw. The D-Link assigns IP addresses Dynamically, or I can specify them statically. By default, the D-link has an IP address of and the IP pool goes up from there.

Where I get confused is how configure my network cards. Do I need a new IP prefix for the inner network? If the FreeBSD is a gateway, technically each NIC is connected to a different subnet, right? The card that will connect to the hub will need a Static IP address, since nothing is there to give an IP address. Does each NIC know of the other, or are the routing tables separate?

This seems like a simple problem, but I've been scouring the handbook, freebsd diary, and the man pages, but I can't find any good examples.

Thanks a bunch!

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