G. Yager wrote:

                I'm trying to install release 6.2 (i386 ) of FreeBSD from
ISO disks I've downloaded from the main site.  After installing the main
operating system, I have a problem when trying to install PACKAGES.  When I
select ALL PACKAGES, verify that all of the individual packages have a check

are you serious?

You want to install all packages?

This are some 16 000 packages?

Just install the base system (FreeBSD).

Then create a .cvs file to update the port tree, run csup and then either install packages with pkg_add -r or install from source with make install.

the whole project, because apparently I can't get all of the components
installed to make X or KDE work correctly.  Please help!

I think there is a huge difference between all of the components and the things needed to run KDE.

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