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Note that this may well be hardware related: without acpi you are only
using one CPU, etc, so if one of the others is bad it will only fail
when you have ACPI enabled -- even if ACPI itself is not to blame.

Easily testable by running that Other Operating system on the thing
which I would have expected Chad to have done.

Sorry to be MIA for the last day.

No, I did not test it with that OS which shall not be named. However, I did attempt to install Sol10 on it. Sol10 also relies on ACPI btw. Anyway, the same error happened a good way through the installation -- it rebooted itself during the high IO of installing the system onto the system array. Sol10 uses a 32bit kernel for the installation and I think, but am not sure, that it only activates 1 CPU core.

Then something is wrong with your hardware.  Sorry.


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