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> Wondering if this is a known issue, or if anyone has suggestions to
> get it working...?
> Running FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p4 SMP i386.
> I installed nvidia-driver-100.14.11 from ports (Sep. 5 snapshot),
> Linux compatibility enabled. After loading modules 'linux' and
> 'nvidia', I do:
> # X -configure
> # X -config /root/xorg.conf.new
> At this point the system spontaneously reboots. 'X -configure' runs
> fine and produces a configuration without issue, but the reboot
> occcurs when launching X. Nothing is output to screen (it flickers as
> if starting X), and nothing is written to /var/log/Xorg.0.log. I do
> get the same behavior if running 'xorgcfg'.

Did you reinstall/upgrade X after having installed nvidia-driver?
X actually overwrites libraries that nvidia-driver installs so you have
to reinstall nvidia-driver every time you upgrade X.
I remember having had some bad crashes some time ago because X overwrote
nvidia GLX libraries.

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