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>>All of my FreeBSD servers boot from CD, and we are going to be having
>>several temporary employees coming and going over the next 6-12 months.
>>Is it possible to move the user/group databases from their location in
>>/etc (which is read only on my CDs) to another location?
>>I have read the man page concerning pw and still do not understand what I
>>should be doing.  Any suggestions, or direction to a how-to would be
>>greatly appreciated.
> The simplest way would be to put a symbolic link from /etc to a writable
> location.  You will need to re-make your boot CD to have this change.
>          -Derek
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I have recreated the CD with the sym links, and I still run into a problem
because adduser tries to create temporary files in /etc.  If I remember
correctly, the files it tries to create are /etc/passwd.XXXXXX.

I was able to get pw to work to add the user accounts, but now I am trying
to set the password for new account, and have hit the temp file snag.

Is this something which can be reconfigured in pw.conf?



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