Derek Ragona wrote:
At 05:05 AM 9/7/2007, Bronte Averay wrote:
Hello all,

Firstly, apologies if this email appears more than once, just getting used to the protocols.

I have an interesting but frustrating issue that I've not been able to diagnose and/or resolve.


FreeBSD 6.1 Release fileserver (generic kernel) running samba-2.2.12_2.

Desktops are Windows XP SP2, all up to date patch-wise, mapping various Samba shares.


When I run smbstatus, all users that are members of the wheel group show a UID of root and a GID of <username>.

Users who are not members of the wheel group show a UID of <username> and a GID of <username>. Equally, removing a user from the wheel group reverts them to <username>/<username> UID/GID at next logon.

I have two sites running identical hardware/software configurations at both server and desktop level. But on the second site, members of the wheel group have a UID of <username> and a GID of <username>, which is precisely as it should be, based on passed experiences.

I'll take this opportunity to mention that I also have a 4.11 server, again with some wheel group members, and in this case too, UID and GID for these wheel group members are <username> and <username>.

I've kept this as simple as I could, but would happily provide more info if I've omitted anything critical or relevant.

The issue is not causing any specific operational issues, but is annoying when I want to use smbstatus -u<username> as I obviously get no result for wheel group members unless I specify a username of root, then I get more than I care to.

If there's an obvious issue, and you wish to spare me embarrassment, feel free to contact me directly, with the obvious adjustments. If etiquette is that a response to the list is appropriate, I can live with the shame :) .

I've extensively searched but can't find a match to my specific circumstances.

Many thanks in advance of any suggestions.



You don't say how you are managing the users. Is the samba server acting as a domain controller? Are you creating the accounts automatically or manually?


Thanks Derek.

Server is acting as a domain controller, yes. Most accounts were created manually (i.e. at server console) on an earlier version of FreeBSD (4.10-STABLE) (including smbpasswd accounts). The pwd.db, master.passwd and /etc/group files were *copied* from 4.10 server to new 6.1 server. I had to recreate the smbpasswd accounts manually on the new server.

New users added to wheel group since the 6.1 install exhibit same root/<username> GID/PID problem.

I should point out that precisely the same process was followed on the second site I mentioned earlier, but no problems of this type are evident.

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