I need whatever help I can get to use ndis to converter wireless nic 
card so I can use it on my laptop. it seems that I don't have iconv 
working properly. I go into the ndisgen program by typing the command:

# ndisgen

The program opens and gives a list of options. I choose option 3: 
Convert driver. The program then asks me to type in the path to the 
.inf file. So I type:


The program then says "This .INF file appears to be in Unicode. The 
iconv(1) utility does not appear to be installed. Please install this 
utility or convert the .INF file to ASCII and run this utility."

So, I downloaded the iconv-2.0_3.tbz package and run the command:

# pkg_add iconv-2.0_3.tbz

Then I try ndisgen again and I get the above error message again. When 
I type in the command

# pkg_info -L iconv-2.0_3 | less

I get a list of files including biconv, iconv_mktbl, biconv.h, etc. But 
when I enter the command:

# iconv

I get the message: Command not found.

Since it seems that the main problem now is getting iconv to run, the 
question is do I have it installed correctly? Do I need to change any 
environment variables to get the system to run it? How do I do this so 
that it runs automatically inside the ndisgen program, since this what 
it seems like the system is trying to do? Thanks for any help. 
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