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> Don't wonder if qmail has flaws, go to CERT.org and search first for 
> Sendmail, then Postfix, then Exim, then qmail. To say "Anyone who even 
> thinks that a piece of software that it 6 years old has no flaws had 
> best re-think this.", is simply FUD.

He said no flaws, cert.org and friends only track security flaws, not
other kinds of flaws.  And cert.org and friends are only as good as
the reports submitted to them.

I would offer the suggestion that if every mail admin out there using
qmail was not a mail expert, that it is unlikely that security flaws
would be noticed or reported.

In the last analysis, the absense of a particular piece of software from
a security notification list is NOT proof that the software has no
security flaws.  You cannot prove a negative in this case.


PS  I routinely use 6 year old software myself.
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