Not long ago, I took a working FreeBSD 5.x system on my local network,
(whose name is "shiny") wiped the disk clean, and then installed from
scratch FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE.  I then configured it as best as I could
to get it to behave as much as possible like the old/prior 5.x system.

Most suff mostly works as expected... the two exceptions being X (and
various X clients), which I already know I need to update, and rsh.

Today I'm struggling with the rsh problem.

Doing something simple from another machine on my network, such as:

        rsh date

just simply doesn't work, even though I have a good and fully functional
.rhosts in my home directory on the upgraded system (
All I get back is:

        rshd: Login incorrect.

I find this particual bit of dysfunctionality particularly inexplicable
because I _can_ effectively rlogin to the upgraded box, from the exact
same other system, with no problem at all via:


So, I have been trying to figure out why I can rlogin (via rsh) to the box
and yet not be able to rsh to it to execute commands but I have had no
luck at all in figuring out what's going wrong here.  The only thing that
I know for sure is that somwhere between the old 5.x system I was running
and the new 6.2-RELEASE system I'm running now, somebody got the swell
idea to pam-ify rshd... and I gather that this may have something to do
with the problem.  (I have little to no knowledge of pam, and I have even
less of an idea why it would have been shipped with 6.2-RELEASE in such a
misconfigured state that even something simple like "rsh host command"
would cease to work.)

Anyway, could somebody please take pity on me and explain to me what I
need to tweek to get this to work (again) after my "upgrade" to 6.2?
The rshd man page is no help at all, and only confuses things further,
because on the one hand it makes mention of a /etc/pam.conf file... which
doesn't even seem to exists on this 6.2 system (Was I supposed to create
one?)... while on the other hand it tells me that I need to tweek the
/etc/pam.d/rsh file... which I already did, as instructed by the man
page, but doing that didn't help at all.

So what's the Right Answer to make rsh/rshd work again, e.g. in the presence
of a per-user .rhosts file?

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