Mel wrote:
On Wednesday 05 September 2007 20:34:56 Adam J Richardson wrote:

Well, that's easy...

# rm -R /usr/ports

Saves you a load of disk space, too. The only downside is you get
slightly older versions of software with packages.

Oh, and don't use portsnap, it'll undo that "rm -R" for you. Using
"portupgrade -PP" works perfectly well on those rare occasions when I
want to install a package rather than a port.

I'm really interested in seeing the output of portupgrade -PP after rm -R /usr/ports && mkdir /usr/ports.

Yes, that might be interesting. I've never tried it.

I wonder though, is portupgrade the tool for this? Would not "pkg_add -r whatever" be more appropriate?

Adam J Richardson
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