Lowell Gilbert wrote:

> I have a Sony Ericsson phone, but it isn't a USB device.

Thanks Lowell for your response. Do you attach your Sony Ericsson to
computer at all, for example if you use it as camera? Is there any
other option, or something that can you recommend? Another cable?

> These kinds of messages usually mean that the umass device is not
> responding as expected to queries.  Some other Sony devices (cameras)
> seem to have extra padding requirements; you could try adding a quirk
> to the code for the umass device driver.  To look more deeply, you
> would need someone with a decent knowledge of the USB protocols.

Can you help me about what text I should add (in umass.c??) I mean,
how to add quirk just for this specific phone? Sorry, but this is far
away from my knowledge but I would like to try. I know how to
recompile kernel and test it.

I searched google for how to do this, but everything is too high level


Sergi M
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