On Sunday 09 September 2007 23:28:59 Adam J Richardson wrote:
> Mel wrote:
> > You probably had WITHOUT_X11 defined somewhere (/etc/make.conf
> > or /var/db/ports/pango/options or /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf in
> > MAKE_ARGS somewhere, shell environment?) when you rebuilt pango.
> Hi Kyle.
> I think Mel has hit on the answer here. Pango is being built without X
> support.
> I had this exact error myself. A few libraries [Pango, Cairo etc]
> weren't allowing themselves to be built on. Turns out I had in my
> /etc/make.conf the lines
> NO_X=true
> WITHOUT_X11=true
> to speed up "make buildworld". Then I installed X from packages on this
> machine. A bit later I tried to build Firefox... took me a week to
> figure it out.
> In summary, just comment out any "NO_X" and "WITHOUT_X11" lines in the
> locations Mel suggested. Then remove, rebuild and reinstall Pango. After
> that's done Firefox should build properly.

Yeah, I figured he wouldn't be alone in this:

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