Snow Mountains wrote:
I posted this question 10 days ago, got no replies. Is it possible
nobody here installed CD release of FreeBSD 6.2 and has Sony Ericsson
mobile phone or something similar which causes similar problem? :-)

Maybe summer time is the cause :-) So let me repeat:

Hi Snow.

It might be that no one knows the answer to your question. I myself have a phone that connects by USB, but it is a Nokia N90 and has no problems being detected. [It detects fine, but doesn't do anything useful. I'll figure out how, I'm sure.]

Looking at your messages, the "disconnected" and "lost device" errors could be caused by a bad cable. Could that cause the SCSI errors too? Can you test with another cable?

It's a good idea to upgrade from the CD release. I think the CD version is the same as the CVS version tagged RELENG_6 [someone will correct me if I'm wrong, I'm sure]. My systems are all using 6.2-RELEASE-p7, which is the same as RELENG_6_2, I think? I'm not sure about that. [I can't check with my build server since I managed to trash my last Windows installation, leaving me without a VMware Player 2 to run it on.]

Adam J Richardson
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