I have a very strange problem with my DVD-RW drive. Namely the drive is for some reason recognized as read only

acd0: DVDR <LITE-ON DVDRW LH-18A1P/GL0C> at ata0-slave UDMA66

I am running FreeBSD 6.2 stable with generic kernel (I didn't compile nor install my own kernel)
so the following lines are present in my GENERIC

[pedja@ /usr/src/sys/i386/conf]$ more GENERIC

# ATA and ATAPI devices
device          ata
device          atadisk         # ATA disk drives
device          ataraid         # ATA RAID drives
device          atapicd         # ATAPI CDROM drives
device          atapifd         # ATAPI floppy drives
device          atapist         # ATAPI tape drives
options         ATA_STATIC_ID   # Static device numbering
# SCSI peripherals
device          scbus           # SCSI bus (required for SCSI)
device          ch              # SCSI media changers
device          da              # Direct Access (disks)
device          sa              # Sequential Access (tape etc)
device          cd              # CD
device          pass            # Passthrough device (direct SCSI access)
device          ses             # SCSI Environmental Services (and SAF-TE)

I also edited my load.conf file with


I altered the permissions devfs.conf and fstab file so that I can read and write but that is not even important since I can not
write anything even from the command line

I also get

[pedja@ /usr/home/Pedja]$ dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/acd0
/dev/acd0: unable to open: Inappropriate ioctl for device
[pedja@ /usr/home/Pedja]$ dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/cd0
/dev/cd0: unable to open: Inappropriate ioctl for device

Whole behavior is even more strange since the optical drive was working flawlessly on PC-BSD 1.3 which is FreeBSD 6.1 stable.

Any suggestions.

Thank you so much

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