> For that small a disk I'd recommend just creating two partitions - swap 
> (I know everybody blindly tells you to use RAMx2, but in my experience 
> you can get by with a *lot* less) and a / partition.

He's got 256 meg of ram. If he's not going to run a desktop
environment, but just a nice simple window manager, he can probably
get by with no swap at all. I have no idea how much memory Gnome or
KDE are going to eat, but it wouldn't surprise me if he can get by
with no swap if his usage is light.

The next to consider beyond that is 256.064 meg. That .064 more than
real memory is enough swap to save a core image after a panic.

After that comes the 2x mark, which is what FreeBSD is tuned for. On a
heavily loaded system, you want to use that.

As a final note for Mr. Gladstone, "single user" in Unix parlance has
a special meaning, in that no process other than the shell running on
the console are running on the system. If you have to log in to the
system, you're not in single user mode - even if that's the only
possible login.

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