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> I have built a machine with two network interfaces and tried
> assigning local addresses in the same subnet mask:
> for example to each of the
> interfaces and only one of the interfaces will respond to
> a connection attempt (via ftp or ssh for example). I found
> that each of the interfaces have to be assigned an address
> in a different subnet. for them to both be usable.

hi Jeff,
please show us the relevant settings in rc.conf (or the ifconfig commands you 
issue if you havent set these settings in rc.conf yet).

My gut feelling tells me you are setting the netmask for the  aliased 
interfaces to the "proper" netmask (eg, , rather than the /32 
netmask aliases *ON THE SAME SUBNET AS OTHER IP ON SAME NIC* should have.

ifconfig_bge0="inet netmask"
ifconfig_bge0="inet netmask" << THIS netmask should 

Search the archives for the reasons behind this. I believe the reasons are 
specific to FreeBSD TCP/IP stack.

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