Robert Huff wrote:
Eric writes:

 Is there a directive to add to make.conf or anywhere else to tell
 ports what directory my webroot is? when i was running apache20,
 things like mailgraph installed files in the proper
 location. Recently I just updated to apache22 and now mailmail
 still insists on creating directories under the old directory
 layout. is this a mailgraph port problem or do I have a missing
 directive somewhere telling ports where my document root is?

        Let me see if I understand:
        You're running apache22, with DocumentRoot and/or ServerRoot in
a non-standard location.  Because of this, a third-party application
is malfunctioning.
        You are looking for a single way for that and other
applications to tell at run-time where the new location is.
        No such critter, as far as I know.  For those applications that
accept environment variables of command-lind switches, it should be
trivial to write a wrapper script to parse httpd,conf and provide
the correct information.
        For a compile-time switch, portupgrade users can use
pkgtools.cfg; others will have to look elsewhere.

close, but I am not running in a non standard DocumentRoot as far as I know. its set to apache22's /usr/local/www/apache22/data, which is the default, but if you look at the mailgraph Makefile, it uses /usr/local/www/data for the install.

the more i look at it, the more it seems like its a mailgraph issue.

i guess I am curious of the apache20 default of /usr/local/www/data was around so long its just what everyone assumes, but from what I can tell, thats not the recommended practice. isnt it better to install to /usr/local/www/mailgraph and then alias things?

I included the maintainer to see if this is the case and perhaps the Makefile should be changed and or post install instructions can be updated

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