Standard distribution of TeX for Unix is teTeX. It is ported of course look at teTeX-base port. I am not familiar with the package you are asking about so I could not answer you if it is contained in the teTeX base. You could install and check.

teTeX base really does not contain some packages that I use (powerdot Latex class of presentations for instance and srcltx which is necessary for inverse search)

You may do two things and I have done both

1. You can download packages you need from Ctan, install them manually and run texhash so that TeX tree gets updated.

2. teTeX is becoming obsolete (support have sized year and a half ago) The next standard distribution for Unix will be TeXLive
which is not in ports yet. People working very hard on it as we speak.
However you can install it manually or run it from the live DVD (it is 1.7 Gb) It contains absolutely everything ever done for plain TeX and for Latex. I am still playing with it since I do want to use it as a Live DVD. I was talking sys admin at University of Arizona (Debian guy but nice people apart of it) and they are also not in the harry to install LiveTeX as it is not fully configured to run flawlessly on Debian despite the fact that is among Debian packages. They are keeping teTeX for now until further notice. I also read Debian advisory and they are not advising HD installation of LiveTeX yet.

You may get TeXLive from Ctan of course.

If you have a Windows machine available MikTeX 2.5 which is standard distribution for Windows is as comprehensive as TeXLive so I would guess that it contains the thing you are looking for.

Keep me updated

Predrag Punosevac

John Andrewartha wrote:
Hi and thanks for your time,

I would like to install on FreeBSD 6.2 Stable texvc which, is needed to use the mathematical features of mediawiki.

My current installed version of TeX is TeX (Web2C 7.2) 3.14159
kpathsea version 3.2
straight out of the ports tree.
Unfortunately it does not include texvc and texvc is not a port.

Ideas and suggestions Please.

Regards John
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