On Mon, 10 Sep 2007, Martin Tournoij wrote:

On Sun 09 Sep 2007 21:09, Luke Dean wrote:

On Mon, 10 Sep 2007, Martin Tournoij wrote:

On Sun 09 Sep 2007 15:09, Luke Dean wrote:

I've got a Python app that seems to require wxPython 2.8.
The ports collection only has 2.6.
Do you think it would it be worthwhile for me to download the source and 
attempt to compile it on my system or should I ask the port

wxgtk 2.8 is in the ports collection(x11/toolkits/wxgtk28), you're
probably using an outdated snapshot of the ports collection.
See the FreeBSD handbook on how to update your ports collection:

I guess I don't understand the relationship between wxPython and wxgtk.
wxPython 2.6 builds with wxgtk 2.6 by default.  If it works with wxgtk
2.8, maybe that's what I need.  I'll give it a shot.  Thanks.

Ignore my previous post, it was late and I thought you couldn't find
wxgtk2.8, I kind of missed the wxPython part ... :/
My fault, I'm sorry.

I've cc-ed this email to the maintainer of py-wxPython26, I will look into
creating a port for py-wxPython28 later today.

Martin Tournoij

Thank you!
After I read a bit more about what wxPython really is, I realized that wxPython and wxgtk should be at the same version. In the spirit of open source, I attempted this myself.

I installed wxgtk 2.8 from ports, then fetched the wxPython 2.8 source and attempted to port it following the example of the wxPython 2.6 makefile, but I got compillation errors early in the process in some gtk code. This made me think that perhaps the wxPython source I fetched might not be compatible with the wxgtk source I got from the ports system. I believe these versions are under development, so I suppose they change frequently and it may be difficult to get them to match up. Or maybe I really don't know what I'm doing. I've never attempted to port anything as complex as a toolkit before.
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