> I intend to make my system dual boot Windows and FreeBSD.
> I have shrunk the existing partition to around 3GB using Partition Magic and 
> left just over 1GB for FreeBSD.
> I want to install at least an 'average user' distribution including X 
> Windows.
> How should the slice be partitioned into file systems and swap space given 
> that I will be running in single user mode?

1 GB is pretty tight if you want to run X. But it should be possible, 
given that I recently installed FreeBSD 4.7 + XFree86 4.2.1 + KDE 3.0.5 
on a machine with 1.2 + 0.8 GB disks (of which the latter is dedicated 
to /home). I even rebuilt the world and compiled all the stuff from 
ports - this took several days on that ole' P166 :-)

For that small a disk I'd recommend just creating two partitions - swap 
(I know everybody blindly tells you to use RAMx2, but in my experience 
you can get by with a *lot* less) and a / partition.
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