Aaron wrote:
Hello guys and gals,

I'm wondering why my local DSL ISP seems to think the dhcp lease time should
have a frequency of 2 minutes...?
Isn't this a rather large waste of bandwidth and unnecessary?
My logs are full of dhcp requests and acks...
I know I can filter all the dhcp requests, but I'm more curious what this
admin is thinking.
They're probably thinking that their network will consist of a lot of unstable
Windows machines that will fail to release their IP when they crash, thus eating
up all the addresses and causing network problems for others.
Or they might not be thinking at all, and that's just the default value for the
DHCP server they installed.
I wouldn't get excited over it.  DHCP traffic is really pretty minimal, even
when it's frequent.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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