On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 09:08, Trent Nelson wrote:
> Hi,
>     Can anyone recommend CD or DVD burners that are at least ATA66
>     compatible?  I'm not too keen on the idea of a burner dragging
>     down my ATA133 60GB drive to ATA33, yet these are all I can cu-
>     rrently find on the market.

There are none currently. The solution is to use your secondary IDE
channel for your optical drives, your Primary IDE channel for your boot
drive and a secondary controller (They're dirt cheap, like $25) for any
other drives. Keeping your Hard drives at 1/channel improves
performance, since IDE doesn't handle multiple units/channel well. And
this way you keep any optical drives on a single channel, so they don't
drag the speed down for your other drives.

Personally, I run with this set up on my main desktop:

IDE0(ATA66): 1 ATA/33 HDD (Drive only supports ATA33, boot drive)
IDE1(ATA66): 1 8x CD-RW, 1 36x CD-ROM
IDE2 (ATA100): 1 ATA100 HDD (Data+ XP Swap)


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