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> Hello all,
> Having long fingers, I occasionally hit F11 while typing into
> a text box in Firefox.  F11 does something truly horrible that
> I never under any circumstances want.
> It moves the window partially off screen such that the window
> controls are inaccessible.

No it doesn't.  It puts Firefox in "fullscreen" mode, which removes
the buttons altogether.  Hit F11 again to switch back to windowed

> As I said, I NEVER EVER want this function.  It is, in my view,
> a damnable bug.  The only way I can get control back is to exit
> Firefox.

Have you tried hitting F11 again?  If that's not working, you've
found a bug which should be reported to the Firefox team.

> How do I kill it?

Asking the question on the Firefox forums instead of the FreeBSD
forums might be a good start, as this isn't even related to

Bill Moran
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