On Thursday 13 September 2007 03:46, Jack Stone wrote:
> We're switching our MTA from postfix to sendmail on a purely mail relay
> server and all is running just fine except for one minor essential.
> Is there any way to have sendmail perform the same service as the
> recipient_bcc.map and sender_bcc.map on postfix? Those using postfix know
> this is used to send bcc of certain emails in order to monitor things like
> users who might want to know what their kids are up to.
> I've spent several days going through sendmail docs and trying other tools
> like procmail to make extra copies from the sender and/or the recip -- but,
> no joy.

[Wild answer off the top of my head]

I have a feeling that sendmail very specifically *doesn't* have an easy way to 
do this because the sendmail people regard it as an invasion of privacy (this 
may even be a FAQ).

I can't instantly think of a way round it, but if I do I'll let you know.

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