Hi there

I have some weird problems in running Postfix. I have installed it on my
FreeBSD 6.2 Box. Postfix starts normally as shown from maillog:

Sep 13 16:28:37 veejay postfix/postfix-script[18197]: starting the Postfix
mail system

Sep 13 16:28:37 veejay postfix/master[18198]: daemon started -- version
2.4.0, configuration /usr/local/etc/postfix

But I am unable to send an email from the command prompt as shown here:

veejay# mail

Mail version 8.1 6/6/93.  Type ? for help.

"/var/mail/christensen": 0 messages


Subject: Test message

it is workinng



& mail: /usr/sbin/sendmail: No such file or directory



I thought its path/configuration problem but

veejay# /usr/local/sbin/postconf –n    shows settings as follow, which seems
to be OK? I don't know L

command_directory = /usr/local/sbin

config_directory = /usr/local/etc/postfix

daemon_directory = /usr/local/libexec/postfix

debug_peer_level = 2

html_directory = no

mail_owner = postfix

mailq_path = /usr/local/bin/mailq

manpage_directory = /usr/local/man

mynetworks_style = host

newaliases_path = /usr/local/bin/newaliases

queue_directory = /var/spool/postfix

readme_directory = no

sample_directory = /usr/local/etc/postfix

sendmail_path = /usr/local/sbin/sendmail

setgid_group = maildrop

unknown_local_recipient_reject_code = 550

Could you please help to discover problem? What is wrong? Why this Error "&
mail: /usr/sbin/sendmail: No such file or directory " keeps coming?

Thank you very much!


BR / vj
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