On 2003-01-31 19:55, Joey Teel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> A few days ago I started getting errors in my syslog saying that
> sendmail couldn't write to the mail directories, on inspection of the
> permissions, I discovered that all the mail directories had been changed
> to be owned by my personal UID and GID
> Can someone tell me what the proper permissions should be on the mail
> directories used by sendmail for it's queue?
> I've tried searching for the info and haven't been able to find it

Read the instructions of /usr/src/UPDATING near the 20020217 entry:

    : 20020217:
    :         sendmail 8.12.2 has been imported.  The sendmail binary is no
    :         longer a set-user-ID root binary [...]

Follow the instructions of this UPDATING entry and you'll be fine.

- Giorgos

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