Joe wrote:
> I have a question about natd/ and ipfw.  I am running natd on my external 
> interface and I have some services on my internal interface. 
> The services seem to be getting their ip addresses nat'd and some of them 
> work and some of them dont.  
> Any idea how to prevent things from going into natd?

You should specify more information about your setup, but generally you 
should be able to just insert a rule like "ipfw add xxx allow ip from 
mynet/mask to mynet/mask", where "xxx" is the rule-number BEFORE your 
natd redirection rule-number and mynet/mask describes your internal network.

I think I figured it out after a lot of searching.  It turns out that when I 
installed it I accidentally enabled USE_SOCKETS on a non-jailed dhcp server.  

The only information I found was a post or bug that said if you enable 
USE_SOCKETS on a non jailed server, you could have unexpected results.

The actual results are that your network traffic will be screwed up.


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