On Sep 14, 2007, at 1:25 AM, Subhro Kar wrote:

No offence meant, but why would you like to upgrade a "home" network to
Gbit? Is it required at all?

I've been slowly undertaking the same kind of upgrade and so would like to know whether my reasons are sound.

As of six months ago all of the daily used desktops (three) in my house are gigabit, but none of the servers are. For the past year or so any time I bought a new switch, I've bought a gigabit switch. The old 10/100 switches get moved to my DMZ where gigabit really is pointless for the foreseeable future. (The firewall between the LAN and the DMZ doesn't do gigabit and the only big transfers within or across the DMZ would be backups. The house is wired with cat6 cable. (I had that put in when we bought the house two and half years ago.)

Eventually I would like to have a proper NAS sharing out home directories. The desktops are all OS X. Some members of the household play with iMovie which involves some very large files.

I don't know when I'll get around to setting up the NAS, but many decisions I make today keep that goal in mind. Thus, I am migrating to gigabit on my home network. When I do build the NAS, I will certainly be looking for a good FreeBSD supported gigabit ethernet card.

Do I really need gigabit? Of course not. But I don't really need most of the stuff I do.


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