Steve Bertrand wrote:
No offence meant, but why would you like to upgrade a "home" network to
Gbit? Is it required at all?

If all three items at home are trying to connect with/through this
central box simultaneously, then you now have theoretically 600Mpbs

In my experience, 100Mb will net the theoretical max of 10MB/sec, but Gigabit only gets 
30MB/sec on a good day.  Still, it's a worthwhile improvement.  As for "Why" - many 
home networks have multiple computers sharing large files like music & movies and need to 
move or back them up at reasonable speeds.

Buy Intel NICs.  They're only about $30, or cheaper used on Ebay.  Very well supported 
with Intel writing native FreeBSD drivers (see "man em").  And Intel generally 
doesn't make junk (with the P-4 as a possible exception.)


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