On Thursday 13 September 2007 15:43:05 Zbigniew Komarnicki wrote:
> On Thursday 13 of September 2007 12:13:46 Mel wrote:
> > Well, that kills that. Only thing I could think of is setuid mount_ntfs.
> > It's really weird, cause I can't get ntfs to mount under normal userid
> > even with correct permissions. What you can do shouldn't be possible for
> > 2 or 3 reasons. I wonder if it's just ntfs, can you mount another
> > partition as normal user? Like, unmount /usr and remount as normal user
> > or if you have a less busy partition like /data or whatever.
> Yes, this is only for ntfs.
> For ufs or msdosfs partitions (slices) it is not posible.
> Only ntfs I can mount and unmount as normal user.
> What I should to do with ntfs_mount? Remove the setuid?

The ls didn't list a setuid (you would see -r-sr-x-r-x), I would expect it to 
for this behavior to occur. I have no idea how this is possible and would see 
it as security risk if you're not the only user of the machine.

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