Steve Bertrand wrote:
Oliver Hansen wrote:
I'm looking to eventually upgrade my home network to all gigabit so I'm
going to start by purchasing a few NICs for some old servers I just
received. I know there are quite a few supported by FreeBSD6 which I
found (
) but I'm wondering if there is any real benefit in buying a $40 or $50
NIC like the Netgear GA311 or just get a $20 NIC like the D-Link
DFE-530TX+. The use will probably be a firewall, proxy, file server, and

I have a few Netgear GA311's in production, and although I haven't done
any benchmarking, I know that they work rock solid operating atop the re
driver in my backup infrastructure:

backup# uname -a
FreeBSD backup 6.2-RELEASE-p2 FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p2 #0: Mon Mar  5
16:57:55 EST 2007

backup# ifconfig

.... I can't speak of D-Link however. Aside from the NIC's, I have found
some performance issues with NetGear GigE managed switches though,
whereas they seem to slowly loose throughput width after a few months
without a reboot.


Thank you for the info regarding reliability. That is my main concern along with price. The only thing I still wonder about is features such as Jumbo Frame, 802.1q, and other support. I gather that every device on the network needs to support these for them to work generally but are any of the features really worth it on a modest home network?

Oliver Hansen

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