J65nko wrote:
On 9/14/07, Harry Maugans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I've confirmed (through a friend) in England it's not accessible either.

I'm surprised they wouldn't have redundancies to prevent this from
happening.  Round robin DNS with collocation at least.

There is a kind of redundancy. The FreeBSD website is mirrored in many
countries. I hardly have problems with www.nl.freebsd.org.

I wonder why so many people still use the main site, while there are a
lot of mirror sites.

guess what my mirror did after the original went down.

It also went down.

Misconfiguration it says.

Some mirrors seem to be perfect mirrors.

I must really say that the mirrors are less reliable than the original.

Using mirrors still makes sense as the response is faster and it also offloads the original.

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