> Greetings.
>      Basically, I have this group of users, that I give SSH/SFTP access,
> but I
> don't want them to be able to see the complete file hierarchy and ``cd''
> to
> them. I just want a user to be able to access the user's home, and that's
> it. 
>      I looked up some docs on the shell(tcsh) and sshd, but didn't find
> anything
> apppropriate. Has anyone wanted to do this before? I was thinking, or
> maybe I
> could redirect that group of users to use a different version of the
> command
> ``cd'' and ``ls'' so that it will only work within their home directories.
>      Thought of jail too, but jail only jails processes, and these guys
> aren't
> really running processes, just file access.
>      Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
> ______________________________________________________________________ 
> Jay Sern Liew 

Dear Jay,
There seems to be some sort of patch available @
http://chrootssh.sourceforge.net which may fitt your needs. I haven't tried it myself 
yet but i hope it

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