Josh Carroll wrote:
Yes, 4BSD is still the default, although you definitely want to use ULE
for performance reasons (NB: only on 7, dont use ULE on 6).  I don't
know whether the release engineers plan to change that default, but I
will check.

Great, thanks for the info. Good to know, I'll be sure to use ULE when
7.0 is released. :)

JFYI, buildworld is a really bad benchmark for testing SMP performance
in general (on 4 cpus it is not too bad), because the makefiles are not
written to efficiently parallelize builds on many CPUs, so large parts
end up running with only a single make job at a time.

Understood, just a data point. :) Probably a better one: ffmpeg
encoding H.264 content with -threads 8 is nearly 4x as fast as a
single threaded ffmpeg process, so it's scaling well at least for
ffmpeg (linked against pthread).

That's good to know. You should be using libthr for threaded performance though :) That benchmark is probably almost all userland though, so performance may not suffer much from libpthread.

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