On Sep 16, 2007, at 11:55 AM, Bill Banks wrote:

I cant do  telnet sarah.ourweb.net 25

It appears that sarah.ourweb.net,, isn't listening on port 25. Hold on, let me do a more complete scan. (If you get indications of a scan from 72.64.112/29 please don't treat is as abuse).

You are running telnetd, but that only listens on port 23. If you want to listen on port 25 you need to be running a mailserver. Have you configured or enabled sendmail (or some other MTA) to listen for mail from the outside world? What makes you believe that your system should be listening for SMTP traffic.

As an aside, since you are already running sshd, there really is no need to run telnetd. I would recommend turning that off if there isn't a compelling need to run it.


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