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Gary Kline wrote:

I find that if I use Settings -> Keyboard and then select "FreeBSD Console", I come fairly close. Then [Backspace] backs up, but the characters are not erased as I space backways. UsingTerminal, it defaults to this.

Characters are not erased for me when I hit backspace in vi. In vim, they are.

Yeah . . . I'm pretty sure that's normal behavior for vi/nvi.  Using
backspace, then hitting <ESC> to return to command mode, might cause the
backspace text to disappear.  Typing after backspacing might overwrite
the backspaced text without having to leave insert mode, too.  I'm going
on memory, here, and may be mistaken -- I didn't use nvi for very long
before going back to Vim.

        There are Lots of thing I  like about vim, but after having
        fouled up with the undo's and lost some critical writing or code,
        I went back to what I've usedsince Bill Joy pointed me at vi.

        vi only takes ONE hand, emacs takesat least 8 hands and a few
        spare thumbs!!!


Vim's undo can behave like vi's. Try ":help undo" or ":help compatible".
How do you manage to use vi with only one hand? I need two :-)

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