Correct me if I'm wrong, but cron doesn't keep track of the last time
something was done, does it?  Which is to say if my system is crashed,
was asleep, or powered off when a job is supposed to happen, it will
not happen the next time the system is successfully operational, will
it?  It's not obvious to me for sure either way from any sources I've
read (man crontab, google), and unix tends towards k.i.s.s. (which is
why we like it)

...I understand why that would be important behavior if something
would cause problems executed other than 9am on Mondays...

Is there a tool or setting to implement this functionality?  I want
something to happen weekly, I don't care when.  Assume I am off the
commercial power grid and I'm not going to leave my system powered on
just to make sure my backups get run.  I use it when I need it, then I
turn it off.  More people should.  Electricity is not free from a
economic, social, or environmental perspective, and promises to be
less so with time.

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