* Gary Kline <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2007-09-16 19:29:08 -0700]:
> There are Lots of thing I like about vim, but after having fouled up
> with the undo's and lost some critical writing or code, I went back to
> what I've usedsince Bill Joy pointed me at vi.

Presumably, you are talking about vi's (and vim's) habit of writing over
changes that have been undone.

This problem has been nullified in Vim 7 by the addition of undo
branches. You can now go back to the text after any change -- even if
they were undone.

Another nice thing is that changes are also now timestamped. You can go
backward/forwawrd in time in the buffer (e.g. ":earlier 10m" goes to the
text as it was ten minutes earlier).


N.J. Thomas
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