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Just seeking a clarification on keeping FreeBSD up-to-date through csup. I am on FreeBSD 6.2 and want to keep up-to-date for security patches etc.

I understand I can use csup to follow the RELENG_62 branch. After the sources are downloaded, do I have to follow all the steps outlined in this (http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/makeworld.html) handbook document? I can understand building and installing world and kernel, but would I have to reboot to single user and do the mergemaster stuff too?

I *think* I might not have to do mergemaster coz security updates shouldn't have changes in the /etc files and so there'd be no need for merging files. And I *think* I might have to reboot depending on whether I use the stuff being affected or not ... But I'd like a clarify from more knowledgeable folks nevertheless. :)

Also, would the "make buildworld installworld" part take a long time? Or through the magic of "make" it just compiles the stuff that's getting updated (and stuff that requires on this)?


                                - Rakhesh
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