Thats weird. When I updated using cvsup it updated all of the ports in my
/usr/ports directory. I then ran "make install" on /usr/ports/x11/xorg, it then
looks for dri-7.0.1,2.tbz, but that file isn't in
amd64/packages-6.2-release/latest or amd64/packages-6.2-release/graphics/. It is
only in the packages-7-release/graphics directory. 
Why would xorg require a app that isn't in my current build? How do I get around
it if I cant use the packages-7-release files?

Thanks for you help


On Mon Sep 17 11:21 , "Philip M. Gollucci"  sent:

>> I downloaded the 6.2 AMD64 disk 1 iso, installed it and updated the ports 
>> with
>> cvsup. However, when I try to install xorg it's looking for ports that are 
>> not in
>> the packages-6.2 folder. Instead they are in the packages-7-current or
>> packages-current folder. Is it safe to install from those folders?
>Not on a 6.2 system.  They would link against and you'd only
>have for one.
>I did not have this problem.
>> In an attempt to get one of the updated ports I put in the /root/.profile
>> "PKG_PATH="; and
>> logged out. But when I run PKG_ADD -r dri-7.0.1,2.tbz. It tells me it could 
>> not
>> find the port.
>The trailing / is important.
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