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> ===>  Installing for libgda3-1.9.102_3
> ===>  libgda3-1.9.102_3 conflicts with installed package(s):
>      libgda2-1.2.4_1,1
>      They install files into the same place.
>      Please remove them first with pkg_delete(1).

>   ...so I:

> root# pkg_delete libgda2-1.2.4_1,1
> pkg_delete: package 'libgda2-1.2.4_1,1' is required by these other
> packages and may not be deinstalled:
> py25-gnome-extras-2.14.3_3
> straw-0.27
> gnome2-fifth-toe-2.18.3
> ***
>    ...so I then try to install the new libgda separately:

Try using the '-f' force flag as in:
 pkg_delete -f libgda2-1.2.4_1,1'

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