hello everyone,
i am running a freebsd server to stream my local campus station's radio
broadcast to the net. i am using the stock ac97 audio, and using a little
script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d which uses kldload to load the driver.

i have to issue mixer rec -83 to get the audio down to a decent level (very
hot coming out of the mixer but i can't change that for other reasons). i
have tried to script this mixer command into startup by putting a  sleep
command and then the mixer command, and also by using the /boot/boot.hints

however whenever i reboot the machine the mixer command always shows the
default level of 90 which clips pretty hard.

also, the sound driver doesn't seem to load until around 2 minutes after i
can log into a fresh boot (not a problem, just some extra info). how can i
script my default rec level on boot?

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