configure of avifile says:

configure: warning: 
*** Could not find usable Qt (headers and libraries) on your system!
*** If it _is_ installed, delete ./config.cache and re-run ./configure,
*** specifying path to Qt headers and libraries in configure options.
*** Switching off Qt compilation!

The resulting build does not produce aviplay.  Yes, running "portinstall qt"
fixed it but that should not have been necessary if the dependencies were
properly listed by the port.

My ports tree is being rebuilt from scratch (i.e. "pkg_delete -a" and then
install the portupgrade port "by hand" and use that to install everything else)

Please update your dependencies.  Please track your dependencies from clean
builds (i.e. systems with no ports installed.)  This issue is not limited to
avifile.  Possibly chroot(8) could be used to simulate having no ports
installed for testing purposes.  A port that could build a chroot environment
for testing purposes would be cute.

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