Karol Kwiatkowski wrote:
Wojciech Puchar wrote:
Yes, 4BSD is still the default, although you definitely want to use
ULE for performance reasons (NB: only on 7, dont use ULE on 6).  I
don't know whether the release engineers plan to change that default,
but I will check.
could you point to some URL/explain what's the actual difference.

You may want to check Jeff Roberson's blog site. Kris posted some graphs
on his site, too. Since it's about CURRENT, some results might be
outdated already.

Unfortunately my graphs are offline (the machine that was hosting them is being shipped trans-atlantically). There is still a pdf in www.freebsd.org/~kris/scaling though. It is slightly out of date: thesedays peak mysql performance is about 10-15% higher, with no scaling bottlenecks in the kernel on 8 CPUs (i.e. mysql itself is the only thing unable to scale to high loads due to bottlenecks and contention in the mysql userland code). postgresql performance is about 20-25% higher too (and 50-60% better performance than mysql). Some of these improvements come from work that will not be committed until after the 7.0 branch though.

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