uname -a
localhost 6.2-RELEASE FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE#0:  Thu Aug 30
13:20:27 UTC 2007  root@:/usr/src/sys/i386/compile/VIL i386

I have been using apache, PHP and mysql for years with no problems. I just suffered a computer crash and my backup failed, so I had to reinstall. However, now I have a problem. I tried "pkg_add -r php5" and the latest PHP5 from www.php.net(www.php.net used to work, but that was before php5 existed). If I access phpinfo() with my browser, it fails. When I try to run a PHP script, I get the error:

>cgi error:
> The following CGI application misbehaved by not
> returning a complete set of HTTP headers.
> The headers it did not return are:
>  This error message means PHP failed to output anything at all.  To
>  get to a sensible error message,  change to the PHP executable directory
>  and run PHP -i.  If php has any problems running, then a suitgable error
>  message will be displayed which will give a clue as to what needs to be
>  done next.  If you get a screen full of HTML codes, then PHP is working.
>  Once PHP is working on the command line, try accessing the script once
>  again.  If it still fails then it could be one of the following:
> *The file permissions on your script, php.ini, or any extensions you are
>    trying to load are such that the anonymous internet user
>    ISUR_<machinename> cannot access them.
>   *The script file does not exit (or possible isn't where you think
>    it is relative to your web root directory).  If the script does not
>    exit then the server will return a 404 error instead.
I didn't get the 404 error, so I think my script exits. When I typed PHP -i, I received 4 pages of HTML code. This means PHP works. I tried phpinfo() from
my browser and still nothing.  I have been fighting this for 3 weeks and
reinstalled many times. I tried this on FreeBSD-5.4, 6.1 and 6.2. All three operating systems produce the same result. I found out that apache runs in a jail and uses chroot. I added the directory
it says and still nothing.

This is where I get stuck.  Thanks in advance for any help.

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